Gowry Art Residency is a place for the artists from diverse countries. It believes in fostering interactions between artists, curators, scholars, writers and young students in the local and global context. We collaborate, share and have interactions with the local community.

     The residency programme provides an opportunity to interact, experiment and work with local materials to extend one’s visual language. Kallar offers diverse inspirations as an ancient forest environment. While city artists have straddled diverse genres and are part of the divergent contemporary landscape, the challenges of the residency programme will encourage artists to move beyond the comfort of their studio spaces and work in new circumstances.

Location: Kallar, View Larger Map

     Gowry Art Residency is situated in Kallar on the southern tip of the Western Ghats, 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram Airport (Kerala's capital city). The location was specifically chosen because of its closeness to the richly bio-diverse rainforest in the Western Ghats, with its endangered and rare plants and animals.

Kerala's last remaining undammed river

     Gowry Art Residency sits on the banks of the Kallar River, also known as Vamanapuram River, which is sourced from the rainforest. The Vamanapuram River, selected by the World Bank for a dam project in the 1960s, is now the only river in Kerala without a dam following an intermittent struggle by local people that lasted for decades.


     Visual artists, writers, photographers and other artists working in new genres. The programme strives for a mix of emerging and established artists of any sex and from anywhere.
    Here's a list of all the items you'll need to complete for your Gowry Art Residency application:
  1. Basic personal information and a statement of intent explaining what you wish to accomplish during your one or three month stay. Please indicate when you wish to attend.
  2. Ten (10) images on net in .jpg or .tif format. Be certain to include the medium, size, date and title for each work. Alternatively, you may provide a web address where you works can be viewed.
  3. Two letters of recommendation if you are student.
  4. The form available here

What is expected of the artist:
  • Interaction with local people.
  • The residency ends with an open studio or exhibition if artists wish so it can be arrange.
  • Residency season: Year-round.
  • Average length of residency: 3 months.
  • Maximum number of artists at one time: 4+
  • Accessibility: Sorry, no wheelchair access at this time.
  • Accommodation: studio cum bed, toilet combined facility, and common kitchen facilities.

  • Lots of open space for interaction and communal gathering.
  • Kitchen is available with cooking facility
  • Food: 'Simple local food provided at the residency while you are free to cook something of your choice.'

Chargeable costs:
  • Housing and studio:
    S. No.
    Charges (RS)
    Charges (USD)
    1 to 7
    Rs.   9000
    USD.   210
    Rs.   18000
    USD.   450
    Rs.   30000
    USD.   670
    Rs.   60000
    USD. 1340
    Rs.   90000
    USD. 2010
    (You may pay in the equivalent amount of U.S. $, or Euros at the time of booking)

  • Charges are subject to change, please verify current charges with us.
  • Other expenses to be borne by the artists.
  • Funding: This is an artist-led space; no stipends or fellowships are available.
  • Selection: Made by Director on the basis of recommendations by sending your CV and images on net.
  • Institute can arrange sponsorship for part of the expenses in special cases.
  • For the students - may apply sponsorship please through their institute.

  • Hospital and pharmacy within 5 km distance.
  • Forest for walks and relaxation within easy reach.
  • For artists from outside India we recommend that you obtain necessary vaccinations and other appropriate preventative medicines and arrange medical insurance before leaving for India.

What to bring:
  • For artists from outside India: 2 passport photo page copies & 2 copies of your Indian visa for registration at the local police station.
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for a Kerala climate such as loose cottons.
  • A swimming costume or appropriate clothes to wear in water.
  • Simple chappals (flip-flops) to wear around the campus.
  • A torch (essential)
  • If you like walking, bring some trainers or sandals good for walking. There are some lovely walks in the rainforest and up around the tea gardens in Ponmudi.
  • An umbrella is always useful in Kerala.
  • Something warm for the evenings or if you go up to Ponmudi Hill Station where it can be a bit chilly.
  • A mosquito net.
  • Any medical notes

Bank Cheque & Money Order:

Beneficiary's Name: Gowry Art Institute

Send payment to the following address:
A/c No. - 67118472135
IFSC code: SBTR0000214

After receiving the payments at our Bank, we will confirm the details for the residency.